Carola Dunn Visits Again

Hello, folks. Thanks to Marilyn for inviting me.
This being the twenty-first mystery in the Daisy Dalrymple series, I feel as if Daisy has come of age. When I started, with Death at Wentwater Court, she was twenty-five, unmarried, hoping to scratch out a living with her writing. Over 21 books, she's aged by four years and acquired a Scotland Yard detective for a husband, along with a stepdaughter and twin babies.

Looking back...
She still writes articles for UK and US magazines, but owing to a lucky inheritance, that's just spending money now.
Daisy and DCI Alec Fletcher have travelled all over England, across the Atlantic by ocean liner, andacross America in a biplane, finding suspicious bodies wherever they go.
The books have been published in English in the US, UK, and worldwide, in hardcover, paperback, large print, ebook, and audio. There have been German translations, and most recently Polish.


What's next for Daisy and Alec? I confess to having considered retirement after writing Heirs of the Body. Not because I was or am tired of Daisy—I still love her dearly, but because 21 books seemed like enough for any series! Then my editor at Minotaur, unasked, offered me contracts for two more. That was awfully hard to turn down.
Impossible, in fact. So Daisy is presently embroiled with another murder. For once I know whodunnit—it isn't always so. But I'm wondering how Daisy and Alec are going to find out, and what adventures they'll meet along the way!  
 Carola Dunn is the author of over 55 historical novels, including 21 mysteries in the Daisy Dalrymple series (England 1920s), 3 Cornish Mysteries (around 1970), and 32 Regencies. She was born and grew up in England, and after 20 years in Southern California now makes her home in Eugene, Oregon, with her lab/border collie Trillian. Her favourite occupations are reading, gardening, classical music, and bird-watching. She has two wonderful grandchildren.


Carola Dunn said…
Daisy's latest news: A Hungarian publisher is buying the translation rights to the first 3 in the series!
Carola Dunn said…
And now I hear that Minotaur is going to reissue the very first Daisy--Death at Wentwater Court--in trade paperback. With a new cover I sincerely hope.
It's always fun to hear about your latest successes.
marja said…
Twenty-one books is impressive, and I'm glad to hear there will be a little more about Daisy yet to come.
Marja McGraw

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