Deeds of Darkness, Young Adult Horror for Kindle

When good and evil collide in the small town of Yokut Springs, Madeline Mahoney is forced to put her friendship and religious beliefs to the ultimate test. The story unravels when Madeline finds out that her best friend's mother, Dian Reddick, is the High Priestess to a coven of witches. Madeline, being very active in the Christian community, finds the mere thought of witches ridiculous and refuses to believe such utter nonsense. But after watching one of the witches meetings and witnessing the initiation of their final member, she can't help but have doubts. Especially when her best friend, Lynette, convinces her that a romance spell is just what she needs to capture her long time crush, Brian.
If buying a Kindle for a teen, this might be just the book to purchase for a teen who likes scary books.
The cover is a bit deceiving in that there is no skeleton but there are witches--but the heroine is teenager, Madeline Mahoney. As one horrible thing happens after another, Madeline is the only one who figures out what has gone wrong in Yokut Springs.


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