Kindred Spirits and the woman who inspired the story

Junie Lee Mattice


When I met Junie Lee Mattice in Crescent City, I knew that I'd met a formidable person. She told me stories about the Tolowa people and along the way we bonded. I knew I had to write a book that included Junie and some of the history of her people.

That's when Kindred Spirits was conceived.

A Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, Junie appears in Kindred Spirits as two characters--her personality was so bold and strong, one character wasn't enough to embrace her.

When the book was finished and published, I traveled back to Crescent City where a celebration was given for Kindred Spirits in a local bed and breakfast. Junie and I sat side by side and autographed copies of the books for those who attended. And we both spoke at the luncheon that day.

We spent more time together and spoke again at the Crescent City library.

When we hugged goodbye that evening, that was the last time we were together. Junie Lee Mattice passed away this October. She was a wonderful woman and a great spokesperson for the Tolowa people. She is missed by her large family and all of her friends, including me.

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Of course it is also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other places books are sold.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

Marilyn Meredith


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