Last Day of Mundania's Big 40% Off Sale

 In Calling the Dead Deputy Tempe Crabtree calls back the dead for the first time in order to find out the truth about a murder and a suicide.

This experience is what opens the door into the supernatural and is the reason she sees spirits in future books.

There are some characters in this tale based on real people. One is the principal at the grammar school. She is fashioned after a teacher who taught children, their children and their grandchildren. Still alive, she is an icon in the town I live in. Still spry, energetic and the town historian. She was instrumental in the creation of our local museum.

I run into her from time to time in the local beauty salon and I know I'm going to hear an interesting tidbit either about something that happened in the past, or more recently.

And remember the code is HOLIDAY.

Since this is the last day of the sale, tomorrow I'll be back to blogging about other things.

And thank you everyone who took advantage of this sale.



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