Only Three Days Left in Mundania's Big Sale

When I wrote Raging Water, I had the deaths of two women who went to our church in mind.
Both these women died on the same night. They were poor, lived in the cheapest places possible, best friends, both had many ailments.
When they died, no autopsy was done. They were what I might call "throw-away" people. Only one step from homeless, both had to have a lot of help from the church, sometimes for rent money, often a ride to the doctor and for food to make it to the end of the month.
Both women were on a lot of medication, and some of that medication was missing from their homes. Wouldn't that make you suspicious? It did me, but not local law enforcement.
That was the beginning of the creation of Raging Water.
I dedicated the book to these two women.
Another interesting fact about Raging Water is the character Miqui Sherwood. She is based in both looks and personality on a real person who begged me to put her in a book. All of her friends said I nailed her.
And she'll appear again in the books I'm writing now--which as yet has no name--and I need to get bus on it.
Remember, Raging Water, is 40% off at Mundania until December 31. Use the code HOLIDAY.


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