Our Writing Presentation

Shirley Hickman and Marilyn Meredith
Shirley and I decided to give a presentation on How to Get Published. We weren't sure we'd have many attendees because we were in competition with many Christmas boutiques, but to our surprise a nice group showed up.
We spoke about what it takes to be a writer, learning, finding the right publisher, and what to do once you've signed a contract and actually have a book. We come from two different perspectives as our journeys have been different.
Yes, we had our books for sale, you can see them at each end of the table. But selling books is not why I do this.
So why do you, you ask.
Because I love sharing and helping new writers. If it hadn't been for all the writers along the way who were willing to give presentations and seminars, speak at conferences, I wouldn't be the writers I am today. I learned more from other writers than from any book I ever read about writing.
I also love to speak about the writing process.
And yes, I did sell a few books.


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