What Do You Do on Christmas Eve?

Thinking way back--and with me, that's a long, long time ago, when my sister and I were children, our family always stayed home on Christmas Eve. We went to bed early, hoping to sleep in order to wake early and see what wonderful gifts we might fine in front of the hearth.

My parents needed plenty of time to bring out the presents. Even though we didn't have much money, they always managed to give us the most wonderful gifts.

Years later, when my husband and I had kids of our own, some Christmas Eve's were also spent at my parents' home and we spent a lot of the night before Christmas putting together complicated toys. And when Christmas Eve was at our own home, we had the same dilemma of figuring out directions to complicated toys. And with five kids, there was always something that took half the night to do.

Now, as grandparents and great-grandparents, we have new ritual. I always serve dinner on Christmas Eve. Sometimes we've had Chinese food, once it was pizza. Some of the grandkids who are close come to eat and receive and give gifts. This year, two great-grands will be with us.

I'm going to serve Honey-baked ham--because I love it and it's easy and I know there'll be leftovers. I'm going to make scalloped potatoes and a broccoli salad to go with it.

Because I've had some heart problems and a procedure, I didn't go Christmas shopping at all. Our gift to each family is a check which they can spend as they wish and I also sent an assortment of Wolferman English muffins to each home.

Share with us what you do on Christmas Eve.



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