Oak Tree Publisher Gives Advice

Recently, Billie Johnson, Oak Tree Press Publisher, spoke to the San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime.

For a query, she prefers three paragraphs:

1. A recap of the story in three to five sentences.
2. How you plan to market the book.
3. Something about the author. (My advice: any writing credits and why you are the one to write the story)

Read the publisher's guidelines so you aren't wasting time by querying a genre the publisher doesn't publish.

Once you've queried, don't bug the publisher or the acquisitions' editor. This process takes time.

Billie says she's not opposed to making a few adjustments to the contract, but will pass on publishing if the author wants too many changes.

She prefers working with authors who don't have a lot of delusions about the book business, stating that there are many layers to selling books.

Every author should prepare a marketing plan ahead of time that will show the author's depth of commitment.


Hi Marilyn,
This post is a wonderful example of how to write a good blog. It packs a lot of information into just a few paragraphs. Nice picture of Billie, too. I don't know how you keep the pace you have going, but really admire that ability.
Anonymous said…
Jackie is right: a terrific blog for its conciseness. I'm forwarding this on to several writing partners for their reference, both for querying AND blogging.
Again,thanks Marilyn!
marja said…
Great advice and comments, Marilyn. Thank you for sharing!
Marja McGraw
Thanks, Jackie. Well, sometimes keeping up is difficult--like right now. Have a huge project to do--a book to write, and still planning my blog tour.
Thank you, Thonie.
So many people helped me over the years, love helping others.
Lorna Collins - said…
Good advice. I've passed this on to my writing group.
Eileen Obser said…
Good advice from Billie and good of you to share it, Marilyn. Nice photo of Billie, too.

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