Learning More About World War II

Recently we saw the movie The Monuments Men and loved it. It didn't get rave reviews but everyone I know who saw it, thought it was great. It's the story of the men who were sent to the War Zone to find and rescue the great art that the Nazis had stolen and stockpiled.

I was a kid during World War II and believe me, we saw all the newsreels about the war, the atrocities, etc. No, it wasn't like today when the news is on TV constantly, but if you went to the movies, you saw horrendous images of what was happening overseas via the newsreels. I don't remember seeing anything about the men who went through basic training, had very little skills when it came to soldiering but had a goal to save the great art that was headed for the F├╝hrer's Museum. 

The movie was excellent and the story needed to be told.

We're also been watching old episodes of the British series about the German invasion and occupation of the Channel Islands between France and Germany.

Island at War is a TV series we've been watching and it's about something else that happened during WWII that I had never heard about. The focus is on one of the Channel Islands between France and England that was invaded and occupied by the Germans. It does an excellent job of portraying what happened and how the citizens' lives were turned upside down.

To tell the truth, I'd never really heard much of anything about these islands. 

The series is extremely well done and definitely an eye-opener.



Foyle's War is another great series, much about WWII in a small coastal community--and some great mysteries.
M.M. Gornell said…
Thanks for the info on the series Marilyn, haven't seen, plan to look up and DVR if it's still around. Loved Foyle's war--especially the earlier ones. Good post!

yes, Marilyn, we really enjoyed Monuments Men,too. Also "Island at War." It's important to keep these events in mind so we can learn not to repeat the same mistakes. Hopefully!
We got a Roku and have a great time watching all these series we've never been able to watch before.

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