Looking Forward to Left Coast Crime

Left Coast Crime is going to be in Monterey this year from March 20-23. The very first LCC I ever attended was in Monterey and it was wonderful. The same couple who organized that first one are in charge this year too, do I know it will be spectacular.

Of course Monterey is always a great place to visit, but going there for LCC is an added bonus.

What's so good about Left Coast Crime? It's a gathering of readers who love mysteries and mystery writers (who are also readers). I've been to enough of these mystery conventions that I've met many fans and writers and in some ways attending LCC will be a bit like going to a big family reunion.

My roommate to be is Madeline Gornell--a fellow mystery writer and a friend. We've roomed together before and the only downside is we tend to talk too late into the night.

I've gone over the list of registered attendees and recognized names of many of my favorite mystery writers as well as those I've met before and am looking forward to seeing again.

The panels are always fun and hard to choose which ones to go to because they all sound good. And I'm on a great panel: Native American Protagonists on Friday at 2:45. Of course there will be copies of Spirit Shapes in the book room.

If you are going to be at this LCC be sure and look for me--the pudgy great-grandmother with the dyed red hair. Tell me "hi" and lets visit.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith (I'm hoping I'll have some copies of Murder in the Worst Degree by then.)


M.M. Gornell said…
Oh Marilyn, can't wait!

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