About Rayne E. Golay, author of The Wooden Chair

Some people are lucky to spend their whole life in the village or town or country where they were born. They’re surrounded by relatives and friends they’ve known since childhood. These people have deep roots. I believe they are very rich. My life has been made of a different cloth with hues of the rainbow. It’s been about change and adaptation.

I was born in Helsinki, Finland during the Finno-Russian winter war. When I was very small, my mother used to read to me. She helped me form words. As she was done reading  “A Thousand and One Nights” my passion for literature was born. From then on, I read everything with the printed word: matchboxes, newspapers, pamphlet and books, of course. I was no more than six years old when my father obtained a library card for me. Believe me, that was one of the happiest days of my childhood. To this day, I read at least three books a week. In school, I always had high grades in composition, and wanted to be a journalist, but my parents had other plans. I complied, obtained a Masters degree in psychology, and was later certified as addictions counselor in England after studies in the United States.

Skilled in languages, from the age of fifteen I translated dialogues in Hollywood movies from English into Finnish and Swedish. This, my first paying job, came through my father, who was the Nordic managing director 20th Century Fox.

After graduation, I married, had two children in rapid succession. My then husband was transferred to Geneva, Switzerland, so that’s where we moved with our two wonderful children.

In Geneva, I worked in a multinational company, DuPont de Nemours International, as an addictions counselor with responsibilities for all of the company’s European subsidiaries. During this time, I wrote two non-fiction books: one about alcoholism, another about dysfunction in the workplace. I also wrote the script to “Something of The Danger That Exists,” a 50 minute film, used within the company as part of an educational program, which I facilitated. In my function, I was a frequent speaker on chemical dependence at conferences and to business groups. As I oversaw company subsidiaries and plant sites throughout Europe and the then East Block countries, I’m fortunate to have traveled extensively. Through my work with addicts and alcoholics I encountered some adult victims of child abuse and neglect, which inspired my award winning novel THE WOODEN CHAIR.

As an avid reader, I’ve read most American, French and Russian classics, modern literature and poetry. It may seem that my books are autobiographical, particularly THE WOODEN CHAIR, but that’s not so. I believe in writing about what I know, so my life has parallels in Leini’s story.

My whole life I’ve longed for the sun and warmth. When opportunity presented itself, I took up residence in Florida. I live here with my partner, my best friend, my third husband.

The award winning novel THE WOODEN CHAIR is my second book. At present, I’m editing my third story.

“The Wooden Chair” is available at www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com www.store.untreedreads.com

Rayne E. Golay



Rayne Golay said…
Thank you, Marilyn, for having me on your blog.
Anonymous said…
Great post, Rayne! I'm amazed by multi-language speakers! I've been trying to implement more than one language with my son, and we speak a little Spanish and French. Just a month ago he conveyed he'd like to learn Swedish. So I'm back to Rosetta Stone for Swedish!

Wishing you huge success with all your books!
vicki batman said…
Wow, Rayne! What a rich life you've had thus far and I'm sure there are more exciting things to come. Hugs.
Angela Adams said…
Rayne, with the nasty winter we had this year in the Northeast, I envied your sun and warm FLA weather.
Julian Barter said…
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