Central Coast Sisters in Crime at Santa Maria Library

Once again I traipsed across the valley to the coast to join with the Central Coast Sisters in Crime at an event. This time it was at the most wonderful Santa Maria Library. We had a group discussion on how to plot a mystery. Lots of fun, because we all do it differently.

The whole group.

Me and Barbara Hodges

This time daughter Lisa drove me over and we had a great time the day before, visited Morro Bay, had a great lunch, did some sight seeing along the way, checked into the Santa Maria Inn.

This was the first time that we stayed in the newer part of the hotel. At the desk, I told the clerk, "Darn, no ghosts." Another guest heard me and laughed, and told me that I'd made his day.

Our room was huge compared to the ones in the older part of the hotel where the movie stars of old always stayed. Lisa and I explored a bit so she could see how gorgeous the old hotel is, then we had dinner in the dining room.

Next morning we opted for something a bit less expensive and went off to eat breakfast in a nearby restaurant. From there we headed to the library. Santa Maria Library is a large and most beautiful structure with touches of what looks like Moroccan or Spanish architecture. 

The meeting room was large with wonderful acoustics. Right away we were greeted by old friends--that's what I love about the Central Coast Sisters in Crime bunch. 

Afterwards we ate at a Chinese restaurant right across from the Santa Maria Inn, a place I've wanted to eat in but never tried before. Then we were off on the long drive back home.

We had a great time, but it's always great to get back home.

(And hubby said he was happy to have me back.)



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