My Blog Tour is Winding Down and I've Learned a Few Things

My blog tour for Murder in the Worst Degree is nearly over--and I'm sure some of you are happy to hear that I won't be urging folks to follow along to the next blog.

As usual, I've learned some things along the way with this blog tour.

Next time, if there is a next time, I may skip the weekends. There are some blog hosts who only post guest blogs on the weekend, so that's something I'll have to weigh.

Some blogs are far more popular than others and I've been fortunate to be on several of those.

Some bloggers promote their blogs when a guest is there, many others don't bother.

Next time I'll avoid those bloggers who moderate comments--it makes it far too difficult to respond to people's comments. 

I won't avoid those who use captcha codes, though that is a pain, but too many use them these days. I do know that there are some people who just can't decipher them and won't bother to leave a comment.

I had fun putting different photos of me and some of my family on the blogs. I stole that idea from Pat Browning who did that on one of her tours.

It is important to come up with something different for each post--a few times I had to work at it because the blog hosts came up with similar requests for posts.

Perhaps I started asking for hosts too soon--because some people forgot or lost what I sent them. (I did ask for confirmation and I got it--but too much time elapsed.)

Right before the beginning of the tour, I contacted each host and was surprised that some were not ready.

I was also surprised by those who didn't realize they could set the post up ahead of time with the date and time for the appearance. 

On the day of the appearance, I always checked to make sure the post was up--a few times it wasn't and I had to send a reminder.

Other hosts, obviously ones who've done this before, sent me reminders with the post's URL before hand or on the morning of the correct date.

That's all I can think of at the moment, but I do thank everyone who hosted me as I know it's a lot of work.

I believe the tour was successful and I had far more unique commenters than ever before. 

And I had fun.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


Of course it is still going on, one more day to go.
Lorna Collins - said…
You are amazing! Not only do you write excellent books, you really work at promoting them. I want to be you when I grow up! Oh, but then neither of us intends to do that. Love you. <3
And I should add, that I appreciate every one who was willing to host me on my tour and all those who visited so many of my stopping places. Just a little bit more to go.
sue mcginty said…
Extremely helpful information on a subject that I find daunting. I'm going to forward this to the Central Coast Sisters.
It is a daunting task, Sue, but something I enjoy doing. It's a real challenge to come up with topics that might be interesting to readers and writers. Some of the hosts came up with their own topics, which made it easier.
M.M. Gornell said…
Great tour, had fun visiting! As you know, you're my inspiration. Keep those tours coming...

Cindy Sample said…
Marilyn, you are a blog warrior. I admire your dedication. I'm worn out just following your last month's journey. Keep those great books coming!
Rayne Golay said…
Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing. A blog tour is a lot of work and time consuming; I did a month long one some time ago. It's fun too, to get comments from total strangers.
Best to you.

Anne R. Allen said…
Good advice. I take it this was a professionally-planned blog tour? Those can be gruelling, so you deserve kudos! I prefer the slow, personally planned blog tour, where I visit one or two blogs a week for several months, instead of the blitz that a professional blog tour provides.

But I have no idea which one impacts sales more strongly. I'll be interested to hear how this increases your sales.
Thanks for your encouragement, Madeline and Cindy. I've enjoyed this tour most of the time, Rayne. I've done a lot of them for both my series.

And Anne, no I planned this tour myself. I always try to get different bloggers, ones that are not connected to each other. My publisher says she's noted an upsurge of sales. Whether it's because of my tour, I have no way of knowing.
I really appreciate your insights about the blog tour. I've been a bit intimidated by all the work (from the contacts to the writing) to do it. Good for you. And you have given me a model and inspiration to try this as well! Thanks, Marilyn!
JoAnnAinsworth said…
Excellent advice, Marilyn. I just got word from Billie that my paranormal suspense - EXPECT TROUBLE - is going to the printer. How did you find out which blogs had a good size readership?
Sharon, it is a lot of work. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't do it.

JoAnn, you can tell by the Followers (the number of them) and if they don't have that on their blog, take a look at how many people make comments on their blog.
I had fun, too, Marilyn. I hope you'll keep me on the list for your next tour.
Thonie Hevron said…
I've learned so much from you. This post has been most helpful. I hope to do a blog tour when my book comes out in July and will be using your comments to build my audience and participation.
Thanks so much for the gift of your wisdom.

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