My Thoughts About My Blog Tour Thus Far

1. It's a lot more work than I remembered from all the other blog tours I've done.

2. I decided on the day before the tour that I should check with everyone to make sure each one was ready for the day I would be visiting. It was a good thing I did because some had the wrong day and others said they never received anything from me. (Even though everyone emailed me a return saying they'd received my material when I sent it.)

3. It's probably best to send everything in .doc format rather than .docx as some end up with an empty document if they aren't able to open the docx.

4. Not as many people seem to be leaving comments though I've had the hosts tell me a lot have stopped by and read the post. That leads me to think I should change my contest to something different. Right now it is for the person who leaves comments on the most blogs to have a character in the next book named after them.

5. Though it's a challenge, I love coming up with something unique to write for each post. Even if I'm asked the same question, I've managed to come up with a different answer.

6. Promoting each day takes a lot of time. I'm sending the info out to different lists and to my groups on Facebook. Is it doing any good? I'm not sure, probably too early to tell.

7. Is it resulting in sales? Who knows.

8. Will I do it again? Who knows--probably will because I like doing it. One change might be to only do it for a shorter period of time.

If you want to jump in on today's and tomorrow's stop go here:  John interviewed me.  Why My Characters Won't Let me Go

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


Looking forward to your visit on Thursday, Marilyn. I'm ready for you.
I'm glad to hear that. This has truly been a challenge. Since I like to promote early in the a.m., it's a bit disconcerting when the post doesn't appear and I have to ask about it. Oh well, everyone is kindly volunteering. Thank you for your reassurance, Patricia.
I discovered you on Patricia's blog. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with other writers.
I've had so many writers help me, anything I can do to pass it on, I will. Thanks for stopping by, Donna.

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