Hard Decisions

Yes, I've had to make some lately about what I should or am capable of doing.

When I was younger, I drove everywhere to go to conferences and conventions. I flew to places I'd never been before, rented a car to get to the event, or took a shuttle, without any problems at all. I wanted to go so I did.

Hubby and I flew to all sorts of new places--switching airplanes and a couple of times even airlines.

I've slowed down a bit. It's no longer easy for me to dash from one place to another in an airport trying to get to the plane on time. Going to San Antonio the last time, I barely made it and only then because someone saw how distressed I was (thought I was having a heart attack) and put me in a wheelchair and took me where I needed to go at break-neck speed.

My plan was to attend Bouchercon this year, after all it's in Long Beach CA. I sent in my registration and someone asked me to be there roommate. Not only was the hotel expensive, but to get there, I had to fly from Bakersfield to L.A., then catch a shuttle to the Bouchercon hotel. The reservation for the hotel was only for two nights, making it not really worth the hassle of the trip. So I decided not to go. I'm disappointed of course, I won't get to see all the wonderful authors and fans who'll be there.

Another big change is I'll no longer go to book or craft fairs where I have to take a tent and put it up. Hubby has trouble getting around and hauling stuff is out of the question. Yes, it cuts down on a lot of great venues for selling books, like the Springville Apple Festival--but the last one we attended wore us both out.

Fortunately, there are a few places that provide the tents and the tables and within driving distances. I'll be focusing on those these days.

And of course, I love giving talks to groups about writing and/or my books.

As the saying goes, "Getting old is not for sissies," and it does make one make some hard decisions.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith

And here we are struggling with our tent.


Putting up tents is a hassle at any age, Marilyn. I gave up on art festivals long ago because I didn't like sitting under plastic during thunderstorms at Virginia Beach:) I admire you for all that you do and know the people for whom you make talks love you and are thrilled to have you for their speaker!
We're seriously looking at those events which require the tent and setup, too--and we're quite a bit younger than you are! We always have to weigh the cost and hassle against the benefits. You've done a great deal more for years than we have! (If you have an event you want to attend in your area, let us know. We can drive up and put up our awning. We share well!)
I'm in the same place, Marilyn. It's especially annoying for me this year because I have a book release in November and I've postponed knee replacement surgery until January to accommodate a few events. I'm going to have what I'll call a "gentle" book release schedule. Close to home, easy on the knees, and a lot of work from my computer.
We used to be pretty good at putting up the tent, no more.Thank you, Monti, I do love giving presentations. Thank you, you're a sweetheart. And Patricia, best of everything with the upcoming knee surgery.
Janet Greger said…
i do craft fairs only if I don't have to sit in the sun or put up a tent.I still love to fly but I refuse to go to conferences where I have to fly and then rent a car or take more than an hour long shuttle ride.

You just held out longer than most of us. Some events aren't worth the effort.
JL Greger
Janet, you're right-but it's hard when I've done so well at these events.
Janet Walters said…
Marilyn, I'm where you are, too. Miss seeing old friends at conferences. Missed you guys so much but age gets to one.
Billie Johnson said…
I'm taking a look at these events too.Last year at the Visalia festival, I had the Beast full of tables and racks plus many books for display too...the loading and unloading was exhausting! Not sure I will take this on in 2014...
Syed Kazim Ali said…
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