May Day of Long Ago

When I was in grammar school all those many years ago, we always had a May Day celebration.
My memory may be sketchy on this, but we word costumes on that special day and had a big parade.
I don’t recall exactly how the choice of costumes was decided, but I do know it was different each year.
One year, during WWII, my class dressed in patriotic costumes, as nurses and in different military uniform.

In 6th grade, we dressed in Spanish costumes as we were studying Spain at the time and learning some Spanish. I know we learned the song La Cucracha with the famous line of not having any marijuana to smoke. I doubt any of knew what marijuana was in those days.

A princess was chosen from the Kindergarten class—and I even remember the little girl’s name who was chosen, Felicia Glass.

All of our parents were invited to the May Day festivities and each class had the opportunity to dance around the May Pole.

The school, Delevan Drive, was unique in that it had seat carved into the side of the hill for the audience to sit upon as they looked won on the playground where we performed. Many tall eucalyptus trees framed the area.

The two-story brick building where we learned looked like George Washington’s abode—beautiful, but not earthquake safe. A new school now stands in the former place.

One thing is still the same--the school has a garden, we called ours a Victory Garden--and it's been modernized a bit. I'm glad the school kids still have the opportunity to work in the garden. Mr. Nelson was our gardening teacher. For an L.A. school, check out all the great old trees.

I have lots of good memories of my grammar school days. I was Marilyn Mitchell back then.

Marilyn aka F.M. Meredith


JoAnnAinsworth said…
I remember May Day celebrations!
The main thing I remember about the 1st of May was making little baskets full of violets (and probably dandelions) to hang on doorknobs.

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