Springville CA Rodeo 2014

Tiny Springville, located in the foothills of the Southern Sierra hosts a rodeo once a year. This year, when the rodeo began on Friday evening, so did the rain. It rained and rained. Since California is in the middle of the drought, rain is welcome--but I'm sure many wondered why it had to come at the start of the rodeo.

The next day, no rain, but the temperature made a radical drop. For Saturday, the rodeo starts in the late afternoon, and usually Highway 190 in front of our house is lined with cars by 4 o'clock--but that wasn't the case. However, traffic began to pick up, vehicles began filling up both sides of the street, which mean the parking lot at the rodeo grounds was full.

 This was taken fairly early on--I beet the rest of those seats filled up before it was all over. We live close enough that we could hear the enthusiastic announcer late into the night.

No, we didn't go. Those seats are hard on the old bones, and frankly, rodeo is not my favorite entertainment. In the past, I went to plenty of them--and what I enjoyed most was seeing old friends and eating the wonderful food served at the concession stands.

However, a part of our family was in attendance and from the looks of the pictures I've seen, had a great time.

First two rows are son Matt and wife,  his three grown children, their spouses, and 3 of his grandchildren.

For a little town, Springville goes all out.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


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