Family Time

We've had lots of family time this past month.

The photo above was taken in great-grandaughter Jessica's backyard on the occasion of youngest son's surprise 50th birthday party. Despite how many are there, we are missing many. Remember, hubby and I have been married nearly 62 years and had five children who are now grown and have grandchildren.

Last year at this time we were attending weddings--grandson Nathan's and grandson Gregg's.

This year, it's graduations.

First, great-granddaughter Carolyn graduated.

Here she is with her two big brothers, Aaron and Brandon.

She graduated a year ahead of time from Butterfield High.

Then we attended Aaron's graduation from Porterville High..

For 51/2 days we also enjoyed our grandson Chris' company. We played lots of games with family and of course there was the big 50 birthday party.

And no, I didn't get much work done--but family is much more important.



Patricia Gligor said…
Thanks for sharing your family photos, Marilyn.

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