Some Ideas I'm Toying with for Next RBPD Mystery

So far, I don't have much, but here's what I'm thinking about.

Detective Milligan and his wife Stacey, are in the market to buy a house. It's time. This is the house he lived in with his first wife and kids. Now those kids have grown older and the Milligans' need more room for them to come and visit.

I want to show how Officer Ryan Strickland is recovering from being falsely accused and adjusting to being a new father to a little girl with Down Syndrome.

Of course there must be more about Officer Gordon Butler and his relationship with Officer Lizette Gibbs.
Because Butler adds humor to this series--what shall I have happen with him? Maybe be assigned to train another new officer.

Officer Aragon is back on the job--something interesting needs to happen with him.

And because the last book ended with a natural disaster--there has to be some repairs going on--and perhaps some discoveries. What are the city fathers planning?

How is Wendy Zachary doing? Has she gone back to teaching part-time? Are the grandmother's getting along?

And most of all--who is going to get murdered and what other crimes will the RBPD have to confront?

That's about as far along as I've gotten. 

Any suggestions?

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


marja said…
No suggestions, but I love all of the ideas. :)
Marja McGraw

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