Friday at PSWA

Anyone who follows me on Facebook has seen photos of the various events. 

Though I am no longer the program chair, I could hardly wait to get up to the conference center. After visiting with Madeline Gornell while waiting for our breakfast, and then having Joe Haggerty and Ilene Schneider join us for breakfast, the day started great. (I had crab cakes Benedict and they were wonderful.)

We are slightly down in numbers due to illnesses and other unexpected events, but it hasn't mattered--those who are here are learning lots and having a great time.

AJ Farrar is looking great and doing is job as Master of Ceremonies. Our Queen, Marilyn Olson, is wearing a couple of crowns as she's also representing Oak Tree Press. 

All through out the conference we'll be having rounds of CSI Jeopardy, with the first round beginning the day. Contestants are:  Pete Klisment, Joe Haggerty, ThonieHevron, Diane Krantz. And so far, it has been a hoot!

We've had panels tackling Point of View, Working with an editor, revision and editing yourself, Setting and Dialogue.

Mark Bouton, retired FBI, spoke on Plotting and Writing Your Book.

And, Michael Angley who is a retired USAF Colonel and career Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. He filled us in on all the Defense Criminal Investigative Organizations.


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