Heading for my Favorite Writing Conference

My computer is in the shop as I'm writing this. A program I downloaded purported to be helpful and make my computer faster, turned out to be a virus. It really loused up my computer.

I do have Moby which backs-up my computer everyday. However, it seems that the programs themselves are corrupted. 

Because I'm a writer, of course I'm hoping all those manuscript files are safe. But I also have other things that I hope can be resurrected. 

Since I know you don't want to hear all my woes, you ask, how are you writing this post?

I'm using my trusty iPad. It does come in handy for several things.

On a happier note, today hubby and I are traveling across the desert to Las Vegas. No, we will not be gambling or seeing the sights, we're headed for the Orleans Hotel and the PSWA Conference.  

This year's conference will be a bit different because after being the program chair for many years, I turned the task over to Mike A. Black. This means I don't have to be in the conference area foyer to check people in. However, because I like to see who comes, greet my friends and meet those who I only knowfrom the Internet, I'll head upstairs as soon as we get settled in our room.

For those of you who don't know, PSWA stands for Public Safety Writers Association. It is a group for those who write about any of the public safety fields, including mystery writers. It's a great organization for mystery writers to become friends with experts in law enforcement and fire fighting.

I'll attempt to post everyday, and give you a taste of what's going on.

Tonight will be our get acquainted gathering. I can hardly wait.

Marilyn aka F.M.  Meredith


LD Masterson said…
I can't make it to Vegas this year. Say hi to everyone for me.
You'll be missed.Tried to fix some typos, buy though I love this iPad, sometimes it doesn't cooperate.

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