Report on Offering Angel Lost E-book Free

For two days during Angel Lost being offered as free for Kindle, it was the #1 free book and the #1 police procedural.

At the last report from the publisher, 53,000 copies were downloaded.

The reason anyone offers free copies is to get more readers. And when someone has a series like I do, the hope is that those who read the free book and like it will buy other books in the series. That seems to be happening.

Last report from my publisher:

Besides the freebies, 20 copies of Angel Lost were sold at full price.
An Axe to Grind, 17 copies.
Bad Tidings, 24 copies
Dangerous Impulses, 14 copies
Fringe Benefits, 15 copies
No Sanctuary, 28 copies
No Bells, 13 copies
Smell of Death, 10 copies,
Murder in the Worst Degree, 10 copies
And the first book in the series, Final Respects, 86 copies

Another plus is that Angel Lost is getting more reviews, though there is a downside to this.

One of the reviews gave away some plot points.

One said that it was a Christian book--well, I didn't plan it to be though some of the characters are Christian--a main character is a devout Catholic, another family go to a protestant church, some don't go to church at all--just like people in real life. And yes, there is an angel that appears in a window--a similar thing happened in a nearby town and it seemed to fit for this plot.

Another reviewer gave the book 3 stars and he said he didn't read it all the way through because he only liked science fiction not stories.

Am I glad I did it the freebie? Sure, it was great seeing my book being #1 and fortunately most people liked it.

It is a lot of work and time consuming finding places to promote the freebie--and I did use BookBub which has many subscribers and is expensive.

Will I do it again? Sure, though I'm not sure when or what book. And maybe I'll go the .99 cent route next time.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


    Anne Gallagher said…
    Thanks for the update on your promotion. It's good to see concrete numbers.
    I had fun doing this and what the reviews prove is that we are all different and so are our reading tastes. I thank everyone who took the time to write a review positive or not.
    Lorna Collins - said…
    We're considering the 99-cent option for our latest anthology and then promoting the heck out of it. Since we self-published that one, we can afford to do it.
    Lorna, it was fun--and I might do it again perhaps with my other series if that publisher is willing.

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