Saturday at the PSWA Conference

We began with CSI Jeoprady--so fun.

Next came writing articles in today's competitive market--geared toward trade magazines (mainly those on the Net.) Participants were Doug Wyllie, Tim Dees, Kathy Ryan, Dave Freeland, Michelle Perin and Rayne E. Golay.

Weapons for Writers was about all different kinds of weapons law enforcement used in the past, and preferred weapons of today. One fun segement was when the panelists discussed mistake TV, movie and writers make. Participants were: John Schembra, Rich Wickliffe, Dave Freeland, Mark Bouton and Ron Corbin. Mike Black was the moderator and had a lot to offer too.

Dave Cropp gave an outstanding presentation on Working Narcotics Undercover.

We learned about the Medical Side of Wounds and Forensics. Thonie Hevron did a great job moderating the panel of experts: Gloria Casale, Steve Scarborough, Janet Greger, Sam Bradley, and Rayne E. Golay. This covered lots of topics from poisons to gun shot wounds.

The last panel of the day was about firefighting and arson investigation. Terrific information was imparted by Michelle Perin, Rich Wickliffe, Robert Haig, and Sam Bradley.

We ended the day with another round of CSI Jeopardy.

(Later blogs will go into more details about these topics.)


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