The Sea Grape Tree, a Review

First off, this book was sent to me by the publisher as an Advanced Uncorrected Proof, and it's not the kind of book I would have chosen for myself.

Mostly, as your probably know, I mainly read mysteries. My time is limited, so I stick to what I know I'll enjoy.

However, when I have a book arrives in the mail, I'm compelled to read it--or at least begin reading to see if I'll like it. 

The Sea Grape Tree is not a mystery, though there is some mystery in it, plus an exciting kidnapping and rescue. I won't tell you any more about that because it might spoil the plot.

The book is not a romance, though there are a couple of romantic threads that are important to the story.

As the cover says, The Sea Grape Tree is a novel--but so much more.

Set in Largos Bay, Jamaica the entire story is rich with depictions of the sumptuous beauty contrasted by the poverty of and the struggle to make a living of most of the inhabitants of this particular part of the island.

The story centers on the possibility of the rebuilding of a hotel destroyed by a ferocious storm, the investor, a visiting female artist with a hidden past, a popular but run-down bar, those who frequent the bar, the bartender and his family, 

The characters are wonderful, the author, Gillian Royes, is an artist with words.

I loved the story and everything about it.

Marilyn Meredith


sue mcginty said…
I'll put it on my list based on your recommendation.

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