Yesterday at PSWA

We were on the road by 5:15 a.m. Made our first stop at McDonald's in Bakersfield. Love the drive to Tehachapi, saw a long, long train just coming off the loop. That is so fascinating. I also love to see all the railroad tunnels through the mountains. Years ago passenger trains from L.A. came through those tunnels. As a little girl I used to go to Bakersfield that way, by myself, with a note hanging around my neck telling the conductor where I should get off. My grandparents lived in Bakersfield and grandpa worked for the railroad.

Nothing like digressing. We actually had quite a pleasant though long, long drive through the desert. Getting to the Orleans Hotel was a cinch. First people we saw were Nancy and A.J. Farrar. Then on our way to the conference center, Michelle Perin and her beau.

Like I said yesterday, waiting for people to come and greeting them is much like a family reunion. Met some new folks too--and have a bit of trouble remembering names. The food at the reception was great--tried to visit with everyone but I missed a few. 

Had to leave early, just too tired and sleepy. More later.



Marja said…
Please tell those who know me "hello", and give Mad a hug for me. Have a great time!
Marja McGraw

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