And It All Hit At Once

Truly, it's not as bad as it sounds, but it seems the old saying, "When it rains, it pours" is all too true.

I've been working on my next Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery and it's been coming along great. Words, plot ideas, characters just tumbling out. 

The edits for River Spirits, my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery arrived yesterday. Something like that I need to work on in the morning when my brain is fresh--but I also had a paid project that I needed to finish. That had to come first.

This a.m. hubby had to be at the surgical center in town by 8:15. Because he was going for eye surgery, I had to take him. I brought along my iPad. If I was going to be sitting, I planned to get some work done--and I did. I figured out what topics to write about on my blog tour for River Spirits and actually wrote four of them.

Because all I'd eaten was a piece of toast, didn't seem fair to eat much since hubby couldn't eat or drink, as three plus hours went by, I began to get really hungry. 

Finally, the came and got me to go in the recovery room. The surgery was a success. Hubby dressed and we were sent over to the surgeon's office to get more instructions. Of course I was the driver--and I'm starving. Once that was over we headed for Denny's. Something about hubby only eating soup made it seem like the logical spot and it was close.

He ate a huge bowl of soup, I had a cup of soup and we shared a big chicken salad sandwich. On the way home we picked up some prescriptions for him.

Arrived home and Great-grandson, Julius was there with his Grandpa--my son. Julius is three, talks up a storm and had many questions to ask. Seemed fascinated by the wrinkles in my upper arm. Why did they look like that? Because I'm old. The answer satisfied him, but the questions continued.

Daughter-in-law, cooked dinner, God bless her.

We ate, son fed the animals, and I'm done. No, I'm not done with what needs to be done, I'm just done for the day. Too pooped to do any intelligent work.

Just to add a fun picture, here I am with the latest addition to our family, Priscilla Rose, and when the photo was taken she was 2 days old.


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