Jex Malone, A Review

Jex Malone is a YA mystery but a delight for anyone to read.

Jex is spending the summer in Las Vegas with her father who is a police detective and she is not at all happy about it. The prospect of a long, hot and boring summer begins changes drastically when Jex makes friends with three teens in her neighborhood. 

One of the reasons Jex’s parents divorced was because of a case of a missing girl that the detective became obsessed with and could never solve. When Jex and her friends find the case file, they decide to do their own detecting.

Their snooping takes brings an unexpected romance to Jex, and takes all of them on an adventure that could ruin Jex’s relationship with her father and be life-threatening to all of them.

What I liked best about this tale is how realistically the authors depicted the teen characters. Of course they would think they could solve a crime a seasoned police detective couldn’t. And they do, because they are foolishly brave, don’t follow the rules or consider laws, but move forward following erroneous conclusions.

This is a delightful story I would recommend to anyone.



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