The Astral Gift, Revisited

The Astral Gift is the first mystery I wrote and was published. 

It has had an interesting publishing history. The first time it was published, different cover, it came out in mass market paperback from a company that turned out to be crooked. (I've had lots of experience with publishers who weren't on the up-and-up. This one printed 50 books which I managed to sell right away--and that was the end. The publisher disappeared.

Next came an e-publisher, near the beginning of the e-pub era. We had some problems and I got my rights back. Oak Tree Press picked it up, but it has just been sitting there so I decided it was time to tell people about it again.

The idea developed because I met a young woman who had suffered childhood sexual abuse--from there I imagined what ways she might have escaped mentally from the abuse--and ideas tumbled in. 

Astral projection plays a big part in the story--and no, I've never experienced such a phenomena, nor do I want to, and you'll see why if your read the book. However, for those who said I described it like I had experienced it, I did a lot of research via books. (This was written before you could find anything on the Internet.) What I have done that is in the book is worked in a day care center much like the one Elaine works in and lived in a beach town. 

Yes, there is a murder in the book and a romance. 

When this book first came out I was truly proud of it. I'd like others to read and enjoy it.

Blurb: A victim of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather, Elaine Brinsfield can't bear the thought of being touched by a man. The coping mechanism of astral projection she used as a child returns unbidden, accompanied by the threatening appearance of ghostly evil spectral beings. The gift-or curse-of astral projection enables Elaine to solve a vicious murder, but skeptical cops make her the number one suspect.


The touch of supernatural adds a new dimension to this mystery. If you have ever experienced that "almost asleep" period where your body jerks and you wake up, this is what some people claim is the prelude to "out of body" travel. A subject that Art Bell could spend three hours on! Even the murder takes a back seat to Elaine's OBE as the finely crafted description puts you right alongside the main character during her journeys. If you like a little goosebump served with your mystery, this is the book for you. --Sandra Tooley


Sounds good! But then, all of your books are.

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