The Difference Between Interview and Interrogate

The simple answer is the one being interviewed can leave at any time, when being interrogated, can't leave.

The moderator of this panel was: Pete Klismet.

Panelists: Joe Haggerty, Frank Hickey, Dave Cropp, George Cramer, John Schembra

D. C. The techniques are similar. You interview witnesses. When you focus on a person or a subject, he/she is a person of interest.

J.S. You interrogate a suspect and interview people who can offer information.

P.K. In interview can be done anywhere, and interrogations is usually an effort to get a confession. An interrogation is raised to higher level of intesity.

J.H. Write the person's name done even if they say they saw nothing. When you interview someone on the street it is a conversation with a purpose.

J. S. When taking a statement, record everything in details so what the person said can be brought up in court. Be a good listener, be attentive. Listen to how things are said. Knowing when to clarify.

G.C. You need good salesmanship. Act like you already know what happened. Persistence is important, don't give up. Don't threaten, but remain firm. Be willing to give up your time.

D.C. Think about the attitude you're projecting--we're here to talk. Make sure you have the right person. Ask him to tell his side of the story. Tell why we arrested him. Stick with the word "We." "We need the information."

The person has probably been arrested before. Body language and threats don't work. Never put a hand on someone.

J. H. Be empathetic. The police officer needs to show he cares. In a sexual assault, be sympathetic to the victim. He or she will leave things out.

When interviewing a molester, make it sound like you can understand, you're wanting an admission--admit having a weapon, being in the area. etc.

Control your anger.

Other comments:

Once the person is no longer free to leave, mirandize them.

First 48 hours most important.

Interrogators are very low key.

Use an interpreter if the person speaks a foreign language.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


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