The Medical Side of Wounds and Forensics

This PSWA panel was fascinating, and could have continued even longer.

The moderator was Thonie Hevron, Panelists: Janet Greger, Rayne E. Golay, Gloria Casale, Sam Bradley and Steve Scarborough

  • People are more accepting of science.

  • Poisons that don't leave a trace: Monk's Hood--numb's mouth, affects the liver, will die withing 24 hours , up to 5 or 6 days.

  • Jimson Weed is another poisonous plant. (The group actually listed many that are common like castor beans.)

  • Other ways of dying: Asphyxiation, Strangling, Carbon Monoxide, Physical Wounds, Hypothermia (People can survive in cold water or weather)

  • A person was shot 7 times, with a 22, didn't die until the bullet hit something vital.

  • PTSD starts in the field. Stress debriefing is needed and ongoing care.Associated with veterans, but any incident out of the ordinary (trauma) can cause PTSD: growing up with domestic violence, alcoholic parents, multiple vehicle accidents. 
This was an excellent panel! I learned a lot. Great fodder for mystery writers.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


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