Yes, Once Again I'm Planning Promotion

The next book in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series, River Spirits, is due out the end of September. And no, it's not to soon to be planning promotion.

My blog tour will be the month of November, excluding Thanksgiving day. I don't expect anyone to read my blog or anyone else's Thanksgiving day. I've already got all the other days filled with willing blog hosts. I've decided the titles of my posts except for those who told me what they wanted me to write.

Why did I plan it for November when the book is coming out the last of September? I know from experience that no matter what the publishers expects--things don't always go as planned. Too often I've had to have book airlifted to me--too big of an expense--because of a planned event.

I've written about six of the new posts. I also know from experience that it's far better to get as much done as possible because who knows what will happen between now and then. Life is full of the unexpected.

No, I haven't planned a formal launch event--not sure I will. I have several events already lined up for October:

October 11, the Visalia Arts Consortium Street Fair.
October 18, the Manteca Book Fair
October 25, 1-4, the Atascadero Library
November 7 and 8, 10-8 both days, the Porterville Art Gallery's Christmas Boutique.

If I let everyone know where I am and have my new book for sale, that's probably enough.

So that's what I've got planned at the moment. Of course I'll let everyone on Facebook and Twitter know when the new book is available.


And if you want to catch up, be sure to read Spirit Shapes.


Billie Johnson said…
This is why Marilyn is pro and why I love working with her. I take lessons from her each time we meet.

Some people run their mouths and blab about promo, and some do it and make it happen.

Make sure you know the difference and spot the phonies.
Janet Greger said…
I agree with Billie. That's why I've watched Marilyn does and emulate her. I think her key to success is she plans ahead.
Kudos Marilyn
JL Greger, author of medical thrillers - Ignore the Pain, Coming Flu, Murder: A New Way to Lose weight and Malignancy in November
Thank you, Billie, it's nice to be called a pro.

I do plan ahead, Janet, that's just the way I am.
Anonymous said…
Marilyn, you always amaze me with your boundless energy. I'll be there in Atascadero on the 25th to cheer you on. Hugs, Paul
Sharon Ervin said…
Marilyn, I would love to do a blog for your blogspot, if you have space available. I, too, have a new book coming soon (planned for August, but now maybe September), but the blogs I've got ready are more about writers and writing than promotion for JINGO STREET.

Thank you,

Joseph Chiba said…
Thank you, Marilyn, for your great tips. I'll need the help, as I am at the beginning of all of this, and learning that doing promotion is the key.
Paul, I do not have the energy everyone thinks I have--I just like to cross things off my to-do list.

Sharon, I emailed you privately.

Joseph, I just do the things that I like to do as far as promotion is concerned. Yes, I have a plan, but promotion is something you just have to chip away at.

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