Countdown for River Spirits

It won't be long now until you can purchase River Spirits in just about any format you want.

This is always an exciting time for an author, knowing that the time is getting close when the book you've written, read to your critique group, edited, edited again, checked the galley proofs, is actually going to be a book.

The book will be available from Mundania Press in all formats, and of course from all the usual places.

One of the things I did which I hope will also encourage sales of this book and others in Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series is that one of the earlier books, Bears With Us, the Kindle version will be offered for .99 cents from October 13-17. You'll be hearing more about when the time comes.

In preparation for the advent of River Spirits I organized a blog tour which is a lot of work. It won't happen until November, but watch for it, as I'll be having a contest again. This time, the winner can choose to be a character in the next book or choose an earlier book in the series.

Of course I'll be telling everyone about the book on Facebook and everywhere else I can think of.

And here is what River Spirits is about:

While filming a movie on the Bear Creek Indian Reservation, the film crew trespasses on sacred ground, threats are made against the female stars, a missing woman is found by the Hairy Man, an actor is murdered and Deputy Tempe Crabtree has no idea who is guilty. Once again, the elusive and legendary Hairy Man plays an important role in this newest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery.

You can read the first chapter by going to my website:



Linda Thorne said…
It's been a while since I've read a Tempe Crabtree book. I think it's time to dig into another one and River Spirits sounds like a good start. A few years ago, I read a cozy mystery by a different author with the story also built around a movie set. It was a fun read and I'm sure this will be too. Scenes around the filming of movies can be done over and over in a thousand different ways. I'll find out how you handle yours.
Linda Thorne said…
I'm sure I will. The character's name snagged me from the start for a number of reasons. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and went to school at Arizona State close by in Tempe, Arizona.

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