Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

Happy Birthday to my hubby!

This is how my handsome hubby looked when I first met him on our blind date. We actually met on the sidewalk between my house and my girlfriend's house in Eagle Rock--probably a distance of 3 miles. He was so handsome, I had an immediate crush on him.

At the time he was stationed at Port Hueneme Seabee Base going to school. He managed to get back to our house most weekends, and it wasn't long before he proposed.

We've now been married nearly 62 years, raised 5 children, have 18 grandkids, helped raise 2 of them, have had other grandkids live with us at different time, and now have 14 great grands with another on the way.

I don't know that we'll do anything special for his 84th birthday, but I'll give him a big kiss and hug and thank God once again that I've had such a great husband all these many years.



Billie Johnson said…
I agree, you hit the lotto when you married Hap, but then so did he!

Happy Birthday to a great fellow...enjoy your day!
Marja said…
Tell Hap that Marja said Happy Birthday!
You both are so lucky to have found one another. Happy Birthday to Hap.

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