Headed to the Buena Vista Library

Yep, tomorrow I'll be going to Burbank to appear on a panel with L.A. Sisters in Crime.

Time: 7 p.m.

Place: Buena Vista Branch of the Burbank Library

Topic: Cozies

As most of you know, I write two series, both police procedurals. So how did I get on a cozy panel?

With the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, though she is in law enforcement, she serves and protects in a small town. Most, not all, cozies take place in small towns. The Rocky Bluff P.D. series also takes place in a small town--though there are different characters who play important parts.

Yes, there is usually a murder, one that always gets solved by the end of the book.

There is no bad language in either series, though I'm sure my characters may let loose with a swear word now and then, I don't quote them. I figure my readers have heard enough bad words to supply them if they want.

I always close the bedroom door.

Well, at least I do now. In the earlier Rocky Bluff P.D. mysteries, the reader did get a sneak peek inside the bedroom once in awhile. Haven't done it lately, not because I'm a prude, just because it hasn't seemed necessary for the plots.

And in case you're wondering, why I'm going so far here's my answer.

I've belonged to the L.A. Sisters in Crime for a long time. Because of the distance, I seldom get to participate in anything with them. When I was asked to do this panel, I asked my daughter if she was willing to drive me there because neither my husband or I drive in new places at night. Obviously, her answer was yes.

I love library events so I'm looking forward to this and meeting some fellow members of SinC.

I do hope some of you who live in the area will come out to see the panel and introduce yourself to me.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith

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