More Marketing Stuff, Part II

I know that most authors think, "When am I supposed to write if I have to do all this promotion?"

What it boils down to, is you sure better be doing something. Figure out what you like to do, or better yet, what seems to result in sales, and be consistent. Believe me, it needs to be more than one thing.

Some of the online promotion venues I didn't mention yesterday (and there are many more, but I can't possible write about all of them) are:  This is a great place to post your book covers--and a lot more. I must confess I don't do as much on it as I could.

Your author page on Amazon. This is something that if you don't have, you should create right away. Be sure to keep it up to date.

Check out the reviews of your books on Amazon, and I think it's fun to thank those people who've written good reviews in the comment space below the review. However--don't argue with anyone who has given you a bad review--just ignore it.

With the best reviews, use part of those review in your ongoing promotion--let people know about them on Facebook, etc.

I had great success offering Angel Lost, one of my Rock Bluff P.D. mysteries free for Kindle for 5 days. I got thousands of downloads, made #1 in police procedurals for a short time and was in the lower hundred in mysteries for about three days.
Not only did I get many downloads, but also others purchased the book at the regular price. Other books in the series were purchased. This took a lot of promotion, some of it I paid for through the many places that promote free e-books. 

And yes, it took a lot of time, effort and money. I made the money I spent back plus a lot more--best royalty check I've ever received. Plus, at last count, I had 127 reviews for Angel Lost.

In October I'm doing a .99 ebook in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series for Bears With Us. Watch for it. Of course the reason behind it is to get people interested in the series and my new book, River Spirits.

In Part III, I'll write about in-person promotion. And as always, feel free to add what has worked for you.



Janet Greger said…
these last 2 blogs have been great. You should turn all your blogs (condensed & edited) into a primer for beginning novelist. It's apt to be a best seller.

JL Greger
Enjoyed your two blogs about marketing tips, Marilyn. If anybody should know what to do, it would be you, in my opinion. I also have to tell you again that I absolutely love the cover to your next book.
There are lots of books on promo, but i'll think about it, Janet. Thanks for your confidence.

Jackie, I love the cover too. The artist does great with the covers for this series.
Nancy LiPetri said…
Being new to this, I really appreciate you sharing these great promo tips and your encouraging results. Have been admiring that cover art also.

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