Today is my Sister's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Sis!
My sister, Marjorie, who has always been called Margie was born when I was five years old.

She was the cutest baby, little girl, and young woman and she really hasn't changed all that much.

When we were growing up, she was often a pain. We always shared a room and she was messy and I wasn't. Now I'm messier than she is.

As adults, we only lived close to each other for a few short years.Even when we didn't, for many years as adults our families spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together. Then both of our families got way too big. 

We moved to Springville first, then she and her husband built a house here. All of her adult children soon moved nearby. 

When the economy took a big dive, she and her boys all lost their jobs. One by one, they moved to Las Vegas, and of course the grandchildren went along too. My sis couldn't take the separation and soon moved to Vegas too--where she is today.

We get to see her about twice a year. We go to her house for a visit at least once each year and then we see her and much of her family at our family reunion.
This is not how I thought we'd end up. I figured eventually we'd live together as old ladies--but I know that will never happen. She'll stay in Vegas with her big family and I'll be here in California close to mine.

We do talk on the phone and of course, we know what's going on with one another because of Facebook.

My sis and her family a few years back in their front yard in Vegas.


Anonymous said…
Happy birthday :D

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