Introducing Glenn Parris and The Renaissance of Aspirin

As a board certified rheumatologist, Glenn Parris has practiced medicine in the northeast Atlanta suburbs for over 20 years. He has been writing for nearly as long.

Originally from New York City, Parris migrated south to escape the cold and snow, but fell in love with the southern charms of Georgia and Carla, his wife of nearly 23 years. He now writes cross-genre in medical mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. The Renaissance of Aspirin is his debut novel.

Coming soon: Watch for The Renaissance of Aspirin book trailer.

More to come from Jack Wheaton, also strange tales of the past, alternate present and future. Look for excerpts from upcoming short stories and novels.

The Renaissance of Aspirin
By Glenn Parris, MD

ISBN-10: 1483633020
ISBN-13: 978-1483633022
Trade paper, 406 pgs.

Also available for Kindle

This is the story of Anita Thomas and Jack Wheaton, two young doctors unwittingly in possession of a designer antibody for the treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome. The new drug is effective, but dangerously flawed. The problem is Anita Thomas has developed a cheap, safe alternative agent. Naturally, after expenditure of a fortune in development, the drug manufactures are not at all pleased with her. The pieces unfold, as we follow Anita and Jack from beautiful upscale midtown to the seedier downtown counterparts of Boston and Atlanta over shadowed by deadly stalkers and embellished by amorous often comically frustrating misadventures. The Renaissance of Aspirin is peppered with industrial espionage, suspense and passion as the chase is on for the first cure for fibromyalgia. Entangled with colorful comrades such as Dasher Clay; Stormi Seales and Khandi Barr in their camp, Anita and Jack barely keep ahead of the treacherous cabal of nemeses; Luciana Velasquez and Jason Brasil led by the Über-villain, Orson Quirk. Paced in the tradition of The Pelican Brief, Coma or a contemporary Maltese Falcon, The Renaissance of Aspirin is both plot and character driven with a ly credible McGuffin at its core. These complex characters are funny, mean, desperate, lonely and at the same time very humanly imperfect. Readers will find their prickly exploits thoroughly entertaining.

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Marilyn Meredith


M.M. Gornell said…
Glenn, your books sounds fascinating! Definitely on my TBR list. Much success!

Marilyn, thanks for the post. Great meeting new to me authors.


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