Missing Bouchercon This Year by Marilyn Meredith

Despite the fact that Bouchercon is in California again this year, Long Beach to be exact, I've chosen not to go.

It makes me sad because I'll miss seeing all the authors who attend, many of them are friends that I only get to see at events like this. Many mystery readers also go to Bouchercon and I'm friends with many and won't be seeing them either.

At first I did plan to go, even had a roommate all scheduled. But unfortunately she only made reservation for Friday and Saturday night at the hotel. Frankly, it's best to arrive on Wednesday because other events are always planned. Also, if you are a small press author, the probability is that if you are put on a panel it will be on Thursday or Sunday.

Also, the only way I'd go would be to fly (I never drive in L.A. anymore, far too scary for this old lady). I'd have to fly from Bakersfield into LAX then take a taxi or other mode of transportation to the Long Beach hotel. For two nights, it just wasn't worth the hassle. So I canceled my reservation for the event and the room share.

I am weighing all events carefully these days and how my ancient body will handle them. 

I no longer want to heft heavy luggage around on and off an airplane. Nor do I want to run from one place to another to change planes. I've had too many bad experiences. 

When it comes to other events, the tent, table and chairs better be provided. Just hauling my books and setting up is all I'm willing to do these days.

Bouchercon is a wonderful event--and I have fond memories of many of them in cities all over the United States, places I would never have visited otherwise. One of my favorites was Alaska where I got to visit with a friend I'd met a few years earlier when attending a Left Coast Crime. 

Maybe I'll do another one day, but perhaps not. 

To all of you who will be gathering in Long Beach, have a wonderful time. Talk to everyone--buy a lot of books.



Linda Thorne said…
I'm glad you've gotten to go to Bouchercon in the past and sorry you can't go this year. I am hoping to go for the first time next year. We'll see. Things keep coming up, but sometimes, I just have to do something I want to do and let things coming up fall by the wayside. Thank you for the information.

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