Mitchell Family Reunion

Believe it or not, I spent a whole weekend not thinking about or doing anything with writing or books.

The last weekend of September, our family always gets together in Barstow, CA. Why Barstow, you may ask, since it's right in the middle of the desert. The answer is simple, it's also in between our family members and easy to get to. My sister and family live in Las Vegas. Most of my family (except for two grandsons who are out of state) live in California--Southern and Central.

This year my sister was unable to attend (bummer) because her hubby just had surgery a few days before the event. Two cousins opted out for other reasons, they were missed too.

However, we still had a lot of family who attended. 

We hold this event at the Holiday Inn Express by the Outlet Malls (and yes, some do take advantage of the shopping.) The hotel is wonderful to us. Besides having the best breakfast of any of the Holiday Inn Expresses I've stayed in, they treat us like royalty. We rent a big meeting room and that's where we spend a lot of time. (Some of the younger and brave used the pool too, but this year it was unseasonably cool.) Oh, and they also allow dogs in certain rooms so Dana and Mike's golden retriever, Archie, also attended. 

On Friday I made my chili beans--yes, we can cook in the meeting room--and those who came by then enjoyed them for our supper. 

In the afternoon, only a few had arrived so four of us played Mexican Train, but that evening, the majority of us played Estimation--definitely our family game.  Granddaughter Melissa and hubby Billy, nephew Doug and wife Diane played pinochle until the wee hours of the a.m.

Saturday a.m., more arrived and lots of visiting went on over breakfast, in the meeting room, out in the lobby. We took a group picture out by the pool. Melissa had a Bible verse Scavenger hunt for the kids and yes, there were prizes. She also cooked two turkeys--did this up in her room, so that floor smelled like Thanksgiving day.

That was our midday meal, turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and fresh veggies. 

More folks arrived in time to eat. After lunch some swam, some shopped, other spent a lot of time talking. And oh, the kids played ping pong.

That evening we ate leftovers and Chinese food. Believe me, we always had plenty to eat and  snack on. Those who come bring all sorts of goodies to share. 

Some of the folks had to go home and left us at this point.

Tradition has it that we have a talent show. This year only great granddaughters Peyton and Kay'Lee were the only ones brave enough to perform. Kay'Lee sang two country western songs, and Peyton danced. (She's an award winning Irish dancer.) They were both great!

Daughter Dana had us all play a wild game and everyone participated.

Once we were done it was game time once again--pinochle, Estimation, and some other games. Always noisy and wild.

We cleaned up after that because the room has to be empty by morning, but the pinochle game continued into the wee hours.

Of course we had again gathered at breakfast and out in the lobby before everyone headed for home.
The time goes by way too fast.


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