About House of Shadows by Misha M. Herwin

“House of Shadows” was inspired by a real place and a real house. When I was a child I lived with my parents in a housing estate at the bottom of a hill on which stood a large old mansion. For most of my childhood it was empty, the windows black and ghostly looking out over the surrounding countryside could be glimpsed from behind the trees. There was also an overgrown drive which I passed regularly on the bus on my way home from school.  
How could an imaginative child resist the temptation to weave stories around such a mysterious and menacing place?
And so it began. 
I must have been about eleven when I sketched out my first idea and over the years, the story changed and developed as I did until finally, after many, many drafts and re-edits “House of Shadows” came into being. 

Misha M. Herwin

About me: I’ve been writing stories the whole of my life. When I was a kid I made a theatre out of a cardboard box and my sister and I put on the plays I had written. Later I wrote for schools productions, a theatre in education company and a group of ex-pat women who put on my play in Kingston Jamaica.
Some of my plays have been published and as have a number of short stories, for both children and adults. My latest “Visiting Auntie” is in “Totally Amazing Spider Tales.” I love anything with a supernatural twist and am fascinated by the concept of time, which many people says simply doesn’t exist.
My “Dragonfire Trilogy” for 8-12 year olds and anyone else who has enjoyed the exploits of a certain boy wizard, is available on Amazon Kindle.
So too is my new book “House of Shadows” just published by Penkhull Press. 

Thank you for visiting me today, Misha!


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