Report on Book Sales at the Porterville Art Association Boutique

This was the first time I got to use this new display rack, and I love it! It left so much more room for me to have my cards and guest book.

We had a great Friday. Lots of people were downtown shopping and came into the art gallery to see what was going on. I sold a lot of books. Saturday was rather dead, though I did sell books--6 right after the doors opened and 4 more just before they closed. 

It was a great venue! Table and chairs provided. Surrounded by beautiful art on the walls, and lots of wonderful crafts. Everyone was friendly.

And something else that is important at these things--a really nice bathroom. Don't laugh--many of the outdoor venues only have port-a-potties.

I do pay membership dues to the PAA, and that's why I get to join them.

This year I've done several in-person events like this--and each one had their pluses and minuses.

I'll probably keep on doing them because I love talking to and gaining new readers.


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