Review of the Deepest Dark by Joan Hall Hovey

The Deepest Dark by Joan Hall Hovey

This is the story of an ordinary woman—the fact that she is a writer made even more intriguing for me—who find herself in the worst possible situation. Abby Miller is in the throes of depression because of the death of her husband and daughter in a traffic accident. Unable to write or find peace, she decides to go to the cabin on Loon Lake where the family enjoyed their last vacation together. She neglects to let anyone, not even her sister, know where she’s gone.

Three prison escapees are loose in the area and have already killed an elderly couple. When they stumble upon Abby who is all alone, they take her hostage. Of course the excitement and tension ramps up—making this reader read quickly. My heart beat quickened right along with Abby’s.

To me the best part of this tale is the strength and intelligence Abby uses to survive—despite all the odds being against her.

Yes, The Deepest Dark is definitely a thriller.

Hovey did a great job ramping up the suspense and developing a believable heroine.

Marilyn Meredith-


Dee Card said…
sounds good and it is going on my "to read" list

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