Busy, Busy, Busy by Marilyn Meredith

Yes I am, but not so much with Christmas doings.

My house is as decorated as it's going to be. My Christmas checks are written--yes, that's what I do. If you had four adult kids, 18 grands, and 15 great-grands, you might resort to giving money too. Actually I give to the families these days, then they can do what they want with the cash.

I'm farming out the cookie baking to my granddaughter and daughter-in-law.

I've ordered the Honeybaked ham for Christmas Eve.

Tonight hubby and I are headed to my writer's group annual Christmas dinner. This will be the only Christmas party I'll attend. Missed the church's party last weekend because I was ill.

So what am I busy with?

It seems something comes up every day I have to tend too.

What caused the most work is the branch of the bank we've used for many, many years is closing. The nearest branch will be much too far away. So we've changed banks. It took two hours to open two accounts at the new bank. Now we're in the throes of making all the needed changes for our direct deposits. Won't close the old checking account until all the checks we've written clear. That may take awhile. (Just so it all is done by March 1.)

Now what's going to take my time for the next couple of days is going over the 2nd edits to my next Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery. Need to get with it because it's way overdue.

And of course I wrote this because I saw I didn't have anything new until tomorrow.

Merry Christmas.



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