The First Christmas I Remember by Marilyn Meredith

It was at my Great Grandmother, Minnie Smith's house in Bakersfield.

A widow, she supported her self by renting out rooms boarding house style. As I remember, her big, living room dining room was in the middle of  her house with all the bedrooms and kitchen leading off all around. (This could be totally wrong since I have no one to check with, but that's how I remember it.)

I also remember a Christmas tree off in one corner.

Since I was really young, I have no idea where my parents and I slept, but my guess is probably in one of the bedrooms that wasn't rented out.

I'm sure my grandparents were there too.

Sometime in the night I heard bells and I knew that was Santa Claus coming. The next morning I told everyone I'd heard Santa on the roof.

I remember nothing about presents or anything else much, except for a vague picture of a long table with a Christmas feast and many people enjoying it.

My Great Grandmother died when I was 12.

I know a lot about her younger years because of a book I wrote based on my family genealogy.
Minnie's name once was Desdemona Diane. But her adoptive parents changed her name to Minnie.

She was a true pioneer woman and supported herself most of her life. If you'd like to know more about her, you can read, Indian Paintbrush on your Kindle.

What is the earliest Christmas you can remember?



M.M. Gornell said…
Great newsletter, Marilyn, nice catchup. Also liked this blog, nice nostalgic feel about it. Happy Holidays! Pioneer foremothers and forefathers were really amazing...

It's amazing what people had to do to just live from day-to-day way back when.

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