Happy New Year! Welcome 2015


Goodness gracious, I never thought I'd live to see this year. But here it is already. And yes, I already have some dates filled in on the new calendar, meetings and doctor appointments.

New Year's Day has always been special. When I was a kid in lived in Los Angeles and my grandparents lived in South Pasadena, we often went to the Rose Parade. We parked in my grandparents driveway and walked to where the parade passed.

The last time I saw the parade in person was when we took my husband to see it. Don't really remember the year, but it was soon after we were married and had one child.

After that, as a family, we always watched the parade on TV. When the kids were small, they weren't all that interested--but hubby and I watched with interest.

When we had our care home, the women who lived with us always loved a good parade, including the Rose Parade.

Now, we turn it on, but the coverage here in the Valley isn't nearly as good as it was in Los Angeles, so frankly, I only see bits and pieces ans I'm busy preparing our other New Year's Day tradition--Seafood Gumbo.

My mother loved Seafood Gumbo. Now those who come to eat it with us are my daughter and her husband, my granddaughter and her family, and granddaughter Jessica's hubby, Jerry. For those who don't like seafood (son, his wife and Jessica, we cook a couple of pizzas.)And of course, afterwards, we play Estimation. 

Here's my Seafood Gumbo Recipe:

I don't have amounts because it all depends upon how many people you are feeding.

Boil a turkey carcass for the bits of turkey and the broth.
Take out the bones.
Add chopped onions, chopped garlic, chopped celery including stalks.
Cook until tender.
Add frozen chopped okra. (Do it even if you don't like okra as it thickens the stock.)
If necessary, add chicken broth--it does add more flavor.
Season with a bit of Tabasco. You can add other seasonings that you like.
At the very end, add frozen cooked shrimp--we like the nice big ones.
Once they are warm, add crab legs. They don't take long to cook.
Pull out the crab legs--and be sure to have nut crackers or something to crack them with.

Have extra plates for the mess.

Serve in large bowls over cooked rice.


Again, Happy New Year, may it be a good one.



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