Partnering in Writing by Janet Lynn

When I started writing in 2000, I always wanted to attempt ‘50s Noir, but I couldn’t figure out how to get into a man’s head and make it sound real. My husband is a published author too. We edited each other’s work. He consistently changed the dialogue for my male characters stating, “A guy wouldn’t think that.”

One day I mentioned how I’d love to write a Noir Murder Mystery. He turned to me and said, “So let’s do it together.” I almost broke into tears.

People warned us it would tarnish our 43 year old marriage. They insisted it wouldn’t work. Concerned, we took a business approach and set rules of professionalism, respect and overall patience. 

We started with a deadline schedule and we met every two weeks to discuss character development, subplots and fight scenes. We discussed what was working and what wasn’t. It turned out a lot of fun, we took field trips to old L.A. and Hollywood, and night clubs, all to get the feel for the 1950s music, lives of period actors and actresses, clothes and news headlines. We interviewed retired police officers, about LAPD procedures and equipment of 1955.

The result-SLIVERS OF GLASS and a wonderful partnering experience for both of

Summer 1955: The body of a woman thought to be killed three years earlier is found behind a theater in Hollywood.  Movie stuntman Skylar Drake, a former LAPD detective, is dragged into the investigation. He can make no sense of the crime until he discovers a dirty underworld and unearths deep-seated… greed.  

The hunt takes Drake to places he’d never expect.  He’s anxious to close this case and get back to his business in L.A., but he’s constantly haunted by the memory of his wife and young daughter, killed in a mysterious house fire.

With more than enough dirty cops, politicians and crime bosses to go around, Drake can trust no one including Martin Card, the cop assigned to work with him. 
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Janet Lynn


Lorna Collins - said…
Janet, my husband, Larry, and I also write together, and we're at nearly 50 years married. We've co-authored four books, including our two mysteries. he's a plotter; I'm a pantser. We actually feel we each bring something different to the table. Somehow, it works!

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