A Brief View of All the Jobs I've Had

My most important job for many years and one that's continued on is being a wife, mother, grandmother and now greatgrandmother.

I began in the working world--meaning that I got paid for what I did as a babysitter at the age of 10. Yes,, 10. I took care of a girl with developmental disabilites who was the same age. Quite an experience--and I earned a whopping 50 cents. I never went back.

The next baby sitting job I was nearly 12 and took care of 5 little ones one evening. We did okay though I don't remember changing any diapers--and also don't remember what I was paid. I continued babysitting all through my teens, earned the money to buy clothes my mom throught were too expensive. (And I'm sure she was right.)

I did housework also for one of the women I babysat for--didn't like that at all.

When I was a senior in highschool, I did inventory one night at a big deparment store in downtown L.A. I also worked for a time in a hot-rod store.

After I was married and had a child, I worked for the telephone company in downtown L.A. as a file clerk. A while later I became an Information Operator for the phone company in Glendale.

When hubby and I and all the kids lived in Oxnard, I worked for General Tel and Tel as an information and long idstance officer off and one. (Left everytime I was going to have another baby.)

During this time period I also served as the newsletter editor for the local PTA for 4 years as well as other jobs, and was PTA president at the grammar school for two years and the junior high for two years.

I had a Camp Fire group (Blue Birds to Horizon Club) for 10 years. I aslo had a Camp Fire group at the Camarillo State Hospital for girls with developmental disabilities, and later one at the Ventrua School.

While still in Oxnard, I worked ten years as a teacher in a pre-school for childen with developmental disabilities--a job I adored.

After a falling out with my boss, I went on to work first in a pre-school on the Seabee base for one semester, but I didn't care for it much. Then I substituted as a teacher in various pre-schools and Head Start. From there I went to work full-time as a teacher in a day care in La Colonia. Loved that one too. Moved on with the same company as a teacher in their day care in Ventura--also a great job. 

Then I was offered a job as a teacher in a pre-school (more money) back in La Colonia. Loved tht one too and got to use my Spanish--though not for long, soon had all my students speaking English.

We moved to Springville where we bought and took over a residential care facility for women with developmental disabilities. (Much more complicated than it sounds here.) Hubby and I loved this work. We shared our home and lives with these women.

Along the way I became the president of the regional provider association, organized and became an instructor for mandantory training for all administrators, and did that for many years. Illness of family members brought the need for us to retire, but I continued to teach for a long time, still do the association's newsletter and serve as a consultant.

Way back when I was in Oxanrd I was writing, writing, writing. I continued to write--and finally got published soon after we moved to Springville and I've been writing ever since.

Probably more than you ever wanted to know, but many of my experiences have influenced my writing and certainly helped me with many phases of my life.

Marilyn Meredith


Maggie said…
Marilyn, I enjoyed your post and learning about your jobs. You're right, you've amassed lots of material for your writing. I may post something similar on my blog.
Thinking back, it's hard to believe I did all that.

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