MMA--A Family Affair

This may seem a strange topic for my blog, but from time-to-time I do write about other things than mysteries, writing mysteries, and hosting guests. And often, the other things have to do with family.

Recently, my eldest great grandsonBrandon had an MMA fight at the Tachi Palace in Lemoore.

His opponent had 9 previous matches and never lost.

Brandon had had 3 matches, lost one and won two.

His opponent trains in one of the most prestigious gyms in the area.

Brandon trained in the fellowship hall of the First Baptist Church in Springville. He's also the one who runs the MMA training. My son worked with him on his strength training. His brother did the wrestling. My grandson-in-law did the boxing. His dad was right there with all the training.

Boxing coach, Brandon, Strenght coach, and Brandon's dad.

I might add that Brandon also is one of the youth pastors at our church.

When it came time for the fight, not only did a lot of relatives attend the fight, so did many of our church members including a lot of the youth.

Immediate family support
The Cheering Section

Yes, Brandon won! They went the three rounds. It was judged the best fight of the night.

Did I go? No, I stayed home and prayed.



John M. Wills said…
I'm a big MMA fan. I used to teach groundfighting at the FBI Academy. It's an important skill for law enf personnel.
This young man is such a fan of MMA and has all of our youth working out, male and female.
Debi said…
Wish I would have known he was fighting that night. I would have been there cheering him on. I was there that night and saw them setting up for the fight later on that evening...
M.M. Gornell said…
My hubby is a big MMA fan!(on TV) Loved your last line.

I'm sorry that I didn't post about the fight ahead of time, Debi, but Brandon and the rest of the family covered it--didn't think about the ones not friends with them.

Thanks for commenting, Madelne. I have to admit, I'm NOT an MMA fan, but our church youth and young adults love it and it keeps them out of trouble.
Marja said…
LOL I would have stayed home and prayed, too. Congratulations to him!
Marja McGraw
Hi Marja, no way was I going to go watch someone beat on my great-grandson.
Sharon Ervin said…
Loved your participation. "He also serves who only stands" and prays.
Thanks to all of you who commented. This post had more visitors than any I've ever had. Interesting.

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