What to Do When You're A Guest on Someone's Blog

If you have the date, be sure and put everything together as soon as possible and send it on. Sometimes I have people scheduled at their or their publicists request, and nothing arrives.

What to send:

In one attachement, a word file with the post--either a topic the host asked for or one you wanted to write about, a blurb about your latest book, a buy link, your bio and your links like webpage, blog, facebook etc.

Other attachements should have a .jpeg of your books cover or covers, and one of you, the author.

On the day the post appears, be sure and promote it.

I always promote my guest's blog on Facebook and Twitter, but since it's your post you should be promoting there and on all your groups on Facebook and listserves you belong to.

Check back on the blog from time to time and if anyone has left a comment, acknowledge it.



it would help if I caught spelling errors ahead of time--something you should do when you send out a blog post. Believe me though, sometimes I have to make corrections on other posts on my blog as well.
Marja said…
Excellent advice, Marilyn!
Linda Thorne said…
Thank you for the information. I always seem to miss something and I'm still learning and getting prepared for marketing my debut novel.
I've been around for along time and though I still make plenty of mistakes, I love to share what I do know. Plenty of writers shared with me, and I appreciated the help.

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