Final Respects, the first book in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series

Final Respects was published for the first time in 2001 as an e-book only. I found the publisher in Writers Digest big book of publishers and really had no idea what an electronic book was.

This was before there was any such thing as a reader or Amazon or a Kindle. No one could really figure out how to downloadthe book and if they did it was to their computer. Needless to say this was not a successful venture. 

I'd written Final Respects several years before and attempted to find publishers to no avail.

In 2004 it was republished by another publisher who did both an e-version and one in print. By this  time the Rocket E-Reader had come on the scene. (Sony bought the company out and didn't do anything with the reader for several years.) 

The first print edition of Final Respects looked great and I was happy with it. Things didn't go well between me and the publisher and we parted company after they'd published the 2nd in the series, Bad Tidings. 

I found another publisher for the next two books in the series: Fringe Benefits and Smell of Death. The books looked great, but the publisher decided to disolve her company.

Not too long after that, I met Billie Johnson, Oak Tree Press publisher. She gave me a contract for the next in ther series, republished the first four previous books, and has published the series ever since.

On May 1st, I'll be offering the Kindle version of Final Respects free.

F. M. Meredith aka Marilyn Meredith


Marja said…
You traveled an interesting road, Marilyn. I'm glad things finally worked out. Good post!
Yes, sometimes I wonder why I kept pushing on. I guess I'm not easily discouraged.
My hubby is a 42-year veteran police officer and he sports his moustache to this day. He once shaved it off and I'd never seen him without it and hated it. Even people in town encouraged him to grow it back because he just didn't look right to them. You do have a funnel of wonderful information, Marilyn.
I can remember driving by the Oxnard P.D. when the officers were heading out in their police cars, with their mustaches and dark glasses and uniforms, they looked like clones.

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